Summer, summer … and summer is over!

It’s been a long time since I wrote something new here but it does not mean that I am giving up blogging! Oh no, on the contrary πŸ™‚ I have been exploring new places and collecting material for my next posts. During summer time it is not easy to spend much time in front of the computer and I bet you have also been busy with your holiday activities and you did not realize my absence:)


My holidays have officially ended and I can’t wait to share all the great photos I have saved in my phone. I can feel it in the air that autumn is coming and I hope that we will all have more time for my blog: me for writing new posts and you for reading and commenting them:)
I am also going to add additional content to the Live well category but all in good time.
Additionally, I need to finish the series about my trip to India as there are two subjects left: People and Food. I promise you that it will be delicious! And there will also be also an occasional column featured by various guests and the first post will be about New Delhi:)

I love traveling, especially taking my holiday trips. It is a perfect occasion for me to think about new ideas and plan interesting projects. But for now I am recovering from jetlag (I will write a separate post about jetlag soon!) and I have a quiz for you!


What do my recent trips to Lodz, Rome and New York have in common? πŸ™‚
Ice cream!

There is no doubt that the most popular Italian ice cream are the best at their source – in Italy. If you are in Italy you just need to try some brown pistachio, tiramisu or coffee ice cream:)


Recently I discovered Thai ice cream! You can see on your own how they are being prepared into cute rolls and you can select your own flavor and toppings. And you can get all this not only in Thailand but also in Lodz in Poland close to the Manufaktura shopping center. Unfortunately I do not have any photos but you can visit the official fcb page of this Ice cream food truck Bangkok – lody tajskie.

No wonder that when I was in Chinatown in NY and saw 10Below Ice Cream I just had to step in and try one of theirs. I was lucky that time to take some photos so you can now see the full process of how the green tea and strawberry ice cream rolls come to life.


More photos from my trip to the sunny New York soon! Stay tuned πŸ™‚

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