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So, how was India? – Now I am ready to answer!

Since coming back from India, I have heard this question many times. In fact, every time when I started a conversation everyone asked me the same thing. My answer has always been the same: ” [deep breath and exhale] … I cannot describe it

I spent four weeks in India in May and I also needed another 4 weeks to organise my thoughts.
And now I have a sense of obligation to share them with all those people who had asked about my trip. Now my answer, however, is a little bit different: “[deep breath and exhale] … This can not be described in a single post.

That’s why I prepared a couple of posts and each covers a different topic: Places, People, Food. You can choose what you want to listen, I mean read. 🙂 And for those who want to know everything, please just follow all my posts! Oh, and I should add one more category: Cows!🙂

In the category Places there will be Pune, Goa, Agra and New Delhi (and a little bit about Bangalore)

As I mentioned earlier, last year I was in Bangalore for two weeks, so this time the culture shock was much smaller. I wrote here that when I got out of the plane I could not believe that smell of curry was so strong in India. Another thing that I observed there was dirt and overwhelming amount of rubbish everywhere. I do not intent to point fingers, it’s just my objective observation (okay, subjective, because from the point of view of a tourist from Europe!). But it probably is influenced by the fact that people in India live every moment of their lives and do not intend to waste their time on cleaning outside. Secondly, there are no bins in the street. Even if someone wanted to clean up there, they would not have anywhere to put the trash away.

It is a little bit more European in Pune. At least in the vicinity of the places I have visited. There are a lot of world brands including my Symantec 🙂 The Office is located in a very modern business park (and more importantly it is close to Starbucks!)

I have to admit that the Symantec building in Pune looks even better than the one in Dublin! And on top: sun, palm trees and frequent breaks during the day spent outside sipping masala tea. It’s been a pleasure to work there!

Fortuntanately, I had also chance to explore India on my own, try some local food and get to know the Indian culture.

Are you ready for more?

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