Live well

Live well, drink freshly squeezed juices and… do not throw the juice pulp away!

I need to confess that I am addicted to 3 things: being away, coconut oil and fresh juices made from fruit and veggie. I will write about those 3 subjects quite often in the Live well!category.

It is beyond doubt that fruit and vegetable cocktails, smoothies and juices are pure vitamin bombs. All nutrients delivered to our organism in a form of a liquid skip the long digestive process.
You need to remember, however, that not all juices are healthy the same way. For example, a banana smoothie with milk and peanut butter may be delicious but it is full of calories but not vitamins. The carrot and orange juice with a hint of ginger will be much more beneficial for our health.
Nonetheless, I am not going to write about juices or pros and cons of the juicers today. What I would like to share with you is what to do with the juice leftovers. The best idea is to bake a cake!


We had a carrot and orange juice today for breakfast so we could enjoy a home made carrot bread for lunch.

The juice recipe is very easy: few carrots and oranges, a hint of ginger mixed together in the juicer. Before making a juice we need to think, however, what kind of cake we would like to bake. We wanted to have a carrot bread that is why first we made a carrot juice and put the carrot pulp aside and then continued with juicing oranges and ginger.

How did we bake our bread?
We mixed the flour, salt and dried yeast, made a well in the centre then added the coconut oil and hint of cinnamon, nutmeg, salt and sugar. Next we added the carrot pulp gradually and more flour when required. Once the dough was smooth and elastic, we shaped it into a loaf and left it for 30 minutes covered with a clean cloth to let yeast work.
Oh, we sprinkled it with chopped walnuts too 🙂

The last step is simply to put our bread in the oven and bake it at 180° for an hour until golden. It’s done!

My recipe is not professional but I really hope that I can inspire you not to throw away your juice leftovers.

PS. The opening photo is from the Polish book: 100 the best recipes: Lots of vitamins, few calories

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