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India – Places part 1, what you need to see in Pune

As promised I have prepared a very detailed story about my trip to India. I spent most of my time in Pune but my daily activities focused on my work. I am pretty sure that I could write a guide about the business park or a review of the hotel’s attractions. But I’m afraid it’s not what you’re looking for on my blog 🙂 Unless I’m wrong so please let me know in the comments! 🙂

I have decided that I would write about all sites that I was able to sightsee and I found them worth visiting.

1. Shaniwarwada Fort – it is an 18th-century fortification and it is definitely a must-see in Pune.

Firstly, however, I need to explain something to you. Since I started thinking about writing a blog I have known that I would not want to focus on the history of places because I am not an expert in this area. There are so many professional sources published online, in the bookstores or in the libraries (does anyone still use libraries nowadays ?!)

Coming back to Shaniwarwad I just need to mention its history so you could understand why this place is called haunted! From what I can remember, the palace was built for one of the advisers of the king, and opened in January of 1732 on Saturday. Hence it was named as Shaniwarwada, or Shaniwar (Saturday) and Wada (residence). There is a very mysterious story associated with this place! “Peshwa,” so someone like the prime minister had three sons. Unfortunately, the Minister and two older sons were killed during various battles and fights, and the youngest Narayanrao became Peshwa. He was only 18 years old that time, that is why his uncle became his legal guardian. As it usually happens in such stories, the greedy uncle wanted to take charge over the kingdom and he arranged murder of the young Peshwa. The teenager did not suspect anything and he even asked his uncle for help that time. Of course, no one helped him and that is why the ghost of the little Peshwa still lives in the castle, and every night at midnight screams “Kaka! Mala Vachva !!” which means “Uncle, save me!”

To be honest I have not seen or heard a ghost but the fort itself impressed me. It is huge with gardens, fountains in the courtyard and stunning views of the city.

On that day there was an even bigger attraction in the fort: myself- the blond girl from Europe 🙂 Literally every single local person wanted to take a selfie with me. I will not be surprised if I find my photos somewhere on the social media 🙂

2. Aga Khan Palace
I do not want to give you too many details but Aga Khan is a political title and that name comes from the Sultan, for whom it was built.

I need to add that the place is known mainly as a commemoration of Mahatma Gandhi and his wife, who had been detained in that place for two years. That is why, the main attraction is a statue of Gandhi and his wife and various permanent and periodical exhibitions depicting their lives.

In 1969 the place was donated to the Indian people and today it is frequently visited by tourists and local people. It is a perfect place for youth to organise their picnics and have a good time.
Actually I wish I could have had more time myself to spent there!

3. I have also visited a museum in Pune. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of that museum and I know it sounds silly but it was really interesting;)

I had an opportunity to see some great Indian figures of saints, jewelry and household items from the past. There was also a great exhibition with the ornate doors.

There is a funny story related to that exhibition. The place where the doors were exhibited was the last room in the museum. I remember that since I entered the museum I have taken a lot of pictures of everything that caught my attention. But when I wanted to take the last picture of the doors the security guard fined me as pictures required an extra ticket! It is a lesson for everyone – take a picture only when something is really interesting!

More pictures from Pune:)


Next part about GOA soon! Stay tuned!

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