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Eat well, travel often and…. drink more in London!

It is a great pleasure for me to publish this post about London:)

Everyone that follows me on Instagram knows that I went to London two weeks ago. It was not my first trip to England but it was a very unique one. All this thanks to my friends who showed me London as I had never seen it before.
I need to confess that I have not been so excited about a weekend city break like this in a long time. I even wore my favorite London t-shirt what you could see on my Instagram 🙂


Sometimes the best plan is … no plan! When getting on the plane I had absolutely no agenda whatsoever, I just wanted to have fun with my friends and in the end the trip was exceptional.


When you think about London you probably associate it with the London Eye, Tower Bridge and Big Ben. But if you ever have a chance to go there and you had crossed off all those tourist attractions you need to go to the places I am recommending here. They are really worth it.

I still can’t get over all the magical spots I saw and the delicious food I tasted. You will understand now why I am calling this post London-licious!

Let’s start with breakfast.
The best place for it is The Good Life Eatery in Sloane Avenue. Everything is healthy, nutritious and tasty there. The place is located in one of the richest areas in London SW1 so consider a walk around after your breakfast.



For Brunch and Lunch go to the Borough Market. You will find everything there and it is up to you if you wish to take it away or to eat just there.









However, if you do not like eating at the crowded markets, I recommend you the Top 1 Forever restaurant. The place has a great location with the view of Royal Docks and The O2 arena. You will get there chef’s quality dishes there with local beers and wines.



To come back to the city center I propose getting the Emirates Air Line cable car with guaranteed breathtaking views of Greenwich, Docks and the Canary Warf.

20160813_194958 - Copy




Where to party in the evening? I have 3 tested venues!

Street feast – the name does not lie 🙂 you will find there food and drinks from all over the world!





Dalston eastern curve garden – an ideal place for a picnic:) I wish I could visit it during the day! Unfortunately, we came late when it was getting dark and could not admire all the beauty of this garden. By looking at the pictures posted on their website I bet that it is amazing! Anyway, the atmosphere in the evening was still great, very magical and romantic. And their pizza baked in a hand made oven and sprinkled with fresh cut basil tasted like the real Italian one:)




The Attic Bar – this luxurious bar and restaurant is located on the 48th Floor of the Pan Penisula Apartments tower in the Canary Wharf. Who would not like to be spoilt and party with views like these? 🙂




We experienced all those places ourselves and had a great time so we can honestly recommend them! Check them out on your own next time you are in London! 🙂


India – Places part 3. Agra & Taj Mahal

I remember that when I was a child I had a pinboard in my bedroom. It was just a cork pinboard but it was used to hold photos of extraordinary places which I wanted to visit. I need to say that a photo of Taj Mahal was one of the permanent elements of this ever changing collage. You can easily guess that my Indian adventure would not have been complete without seeing Taj Mahal!


Taj Mahal is located in the city of Agra about 200 kilometers from New Delhi. Most of my friends from India recommended that I should go there for at least 2 days because it is quite far away and going there by car or by train may be exhausting and time consuming leaving little time left for sightseeing. Luckily, we discovered a very quick train called Gatimaan Express which only takes 1,5 hours to get there from the Nizamuddin train station in Delhi. We decided to set off for Agra early morning and it was undoubtedly the right decision. We arrived at the station before traffic picked, the train was very comfy and we were served a nice breakfast, some snacks as well as drinks during our ride.


As soon as we got off the air conditioned train we were hit by overwhelming heat and it did not get cooler, even for a second, for the rest of the day! It was 43 degrees Celsius (in the shadow), very hot and humid and the little breeze that occasionally blew into our faces was literally burning our eyes. On top of this, though not surprisingly, it was also very crowded – with people, stray dogs and annoying flies. It definitely wasn’t the best day for a “city break” but we did not have any choice – it was our only shot at seeing my Taj Mahal.


Quite unusually we did not have any proper plans or sightseeing schedule prepared, and also we had not booked any guided tour. Actually, we had been considering an organised trip but since we love sightseeing on our own we decided to get to Taj Mahal by a taxi. Believe it or not but it was not easy to get a cab. As soon as we got off the train we were approached by swarms of drivers, tourist guides and various salesmen who wanted to offer us everything and nothing. Next we were caught by poor children, women and homeless people begging. In both cases you need to be very strong because if not you only empower this “business”. However, it is not easy, at least for me to stay oblivious and not to burst into tears. I know it well, well … because I failed…

Let’s go back to our trip, the taxi booking booth was extremely crowded so we decided to trust a taxi driver with an English speaking tourist guide – Javed who took us to their car. They explained the pricelist and we booked them for the whole day (including the guide) for an equivalent of 15 Euro. You thought it would go that smoothly? Scary story – we were all about to leave the car park of the station when two armed security guards jumped into our taxi and requested to pull over. We did not understand much because they did not speak English and we were really terrified. It turned out that our taxi driver forgot (deliberately or not) to stamp his car park ticket! Do you remember my post where I mentioned that owning a stamp is very powerful in India ? 🙂

Our guide Javed was exceptional! I think it was one of the best tour guides I have ever met. He took us to all the amazing places in Agra, told us really interesting stories and explained a little bit of history of the area. He shared an intriguing love story related to Taj Mahal with us. It is widely known that Taj Mahal is a mausoleum from XVII century built by an emperor Shah Jahan for his favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal after her death. He had more wives but this one was his favorite and they had 14 children. Sadly, she died while giving birth to her fourteenth child.

From the historic and design point of view Taj Mahal is really fascinating and marvelous.
You can read more about this place in each travel guide and on the Internet. I am not going to write much about this, just see these photos – they speak for themselves.






If you are in Agra one day you definitely need to see it. And I also encourage you to look for Javed if you are going to hire a travel guide!

I do not want to reveal all stories Javed told us but I will share one with you:) They are saying that the king Shah Jahan was a very merciful and tolerant ruler and each of his wives was of a different faith. Probably the king had hoped that when his wives (and their people) would be happy, his reign would be quiet and peaceful.
Happy wife = happy life! Paul knows this for some time now 🙂

I need to mention that Taj Mahal is not the only tourist attraction in Agra. During our day we were driven around to visit local businesses and w got chance to taste local food. Local shops with clothes, jewellery and households are also worth seeing. However, we were most fascinated by local techniques of manufacturing carved marble which Taj Mahal is famous for. We spent a lot of time in the shop admiring everything from small plates to family size dinner tables finished with precious stone with insane amount of detail.


It is not the end of our trip yet. The one place that impressed us the most – Red Fort in Agra is located not too far away from Taj Mahal. It is a enormous place with countless gates, palaces and gardens. Originally the brick fort was built in XI century but it was then destroyed and was being rebuilt for centuries. Different styles and influences mix together providing unforgettable experience. During the last renovation red sandstone was used and this is how we can admire it nowadays.


You will feel there as if you are in a fairy tail! And the view is breathtaking – directly at Taj Mahal!








So did you like it? 🙂

  • martynaThank you, Neha! :)
  • NehaInteresting Perspective. Loved the pictures! I have seen most of these places but stil enjoyed reading your article

India – Places part 2. GOA

Everyone has their own dream destinations list and Goa has always been on mine. I don’t know why but I thought that it would be like the Maldives – a paradise on earth! I need to say that my trip to India has verified my expectations but it does not change the fact that this place is really marvellous.


Why do I like Goa so much? Because of the palm trees! They always set me in the holiday mood. Sometimes when you travel you can see few palm trees somewhere close to the swimming pool in your hotel or in the garden but in Goa they are everywhere.


The atmosphere is also one of the kind there. Although it is a tourist destination it has not been taken over by the tourist industry yet and you can still feel the real India. Especially when you travel along the seaside passing cows walking in the streets, when you meet local people, taste Indian food, experience road traffic and see poverty and riches at the same time.


We spent 5 days in Goa and every day we explored new places by a moped. All beaches look amazing on the Internet but the reality may surprise you. 🙂

Candolim – it was our starting point. This city is very popular and attractive, plenty of hotels, bars and souvenir shops. I definitely recommend a restaurant at the top of the roof in the Acacia hotel. It is an ideal place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the village underneath as well as to admire the sunset.

During our stay in Goa we stayed at the Sea shell apartments located close to the beach. We felt like home there and the beach was 3 minutes on foot.

The Candolim beach is long and wide with few bars where you can rent sunbeds (beach shacks). It is not bad if you do not mind cows, dogs and a little bit of mess 🙂


We loved going there for a short walk to see the sunset or to have a couple beers. But if you are planning to spend your holiday only sunbathing at just a single place I suggest you to look for a more luxurious beach area.

Sinquerium – located to the north from Candolim. It is a beautiful spot with a breathtaking view of the Aguada Fort. There is also the first luxury hotel in Goa – Vivanta By Taj. It is a perfect place for lunch and few drinks with an amazing view of the beach.


Not too far to the north you can visit the Aguada Fort complex, however, the best attraction is the Aguada Fort Lighthouse which stands outside the fort bastions, with a stunning view along the coast. Not everyone is aware that this lighthouse is actually open to public because it is located on the territory of the ministry of shipping. We definitely recommend this attraction!



Calangute and Baga – another great and long beaches with dozen of bars and beach shacks. It is not, however, the perfect place for the fans of nature and romantic escapes. It is quite loud and crowded there.

Anjuna – Beach the same as others – sea, sand and palm trees 🙂 I did not fall in love with this location but the enthusiasts of techno and rave music will love it. There are supposedly the best clubs with that kind of music.

Ozran – our favorite! This beach is exceptional but quietly located among palm trees and rocks. It is a perfect place to relax and also to taste delicious dishes at the Antares restaurant at the top of the hill. I could spend hours there sipping cocktails and just staring at the view of the beach. It is definitely my place! Even cows and dogs seem happier there.





Vagator – one of the most popular beaches in Goa.


When you are there you need to check in to The Mango Tree! It is a bar located along the main road and it can be easily found by the long wooden bar along the road and the ceiling made from paper. It is an ideal venue to have a drink, taste local dishes and meet other interesting tourist from around the world.


Further south there is the Chaporra Fort and I have heard that it is also a fascinating place. Unfortunately, we did not manage to see it because of a little moped incident on our way there 🙂

Our stay in Goa flew by very quickly! Actually I would like to come back there again, especially that I have not seen the Old Goa. However, next time I will be more organised and plan my trip more carefully. What do I need to consider next time? The season!
1. The best season for tourists is from November until March. It is sunny but not too hot.
2. Monsoon season is between June and August.
3. In between these periods there is very quiet and the weather may not be good.

We were in Goa at the beginning of June, it means just before the monsoon season. It was very hot and humid and most of the hotels and restaurants were closing. Also the water sport centres were closed and swimming in the sea was prohibited. As you can imagine it was not the perfect time to visit Goa but we did not have much choice. Nonetheless, we managed it and it was great. All the inconvenience has been compensated by the Goan prices. Outside of the tourist season you can really spoil yourself in India and everyone will find something interesting there.


  • martynaThanks Bala! It is definitely on my list :)
  • Bala GaikwadNice blog..Get the south Goa on your list for next time !!

India – Places part 1, what you need to see in Pune

As promised I have prepared a very detailed story about my trip to India. I spent most of my time in Pune but my daily activities focused on my work. I am pretty sure that I could write a guide about the business park or a review of the hotel’s attractions. But I’m afraid it’s not what you’re looking for on my blog 🙂 Unless I’m wrong so please let me know in the comments! 🙂

I have decided that I would write about all sites that I was able to sightsee and I found them worth visiting.

1. Shaniwarwada Fort – it is an 18th-century fortification and it is definitely a must-see in Pune.

Firstly, however, I need to explain something to you. Since I started thinking about writing a blog I have known that I would not want to focus on the history of places because I am not an expert in this area. There are so many professional sources published online, in the bookstores or in the libraries (does anyone still use libraries nowadays ?!)

Coming back to Shaniwarwad I just need to mention its history so you could understand why this place is called haunted! From what I can remember, the palace was built for one of the advisers of the king, and opened in January of 1732 on Saturday. Hence it was named as Shaniwarwada, or Shaniwar (Saturday) and Wada (residence). There is a very mysterious story associated with this place! “Peshwa,” so someone like the prime minister had three sons. Unfortunately, the Minister and two older sons were killed during various battles and fights, and the youngest Narayanrao became Peshwa. He was only 18 years old that time, that is why his uncle became his legal guardian. As it usually happens in such stories, the greedy uncle wanted to take charge over the kingdom and he arranged murder of the young Peshwa. The teenager did not suspect anything and he even asked his uncle for help that time. Of course, no one helped him and that is why the ghost of the little Peshwa still lives in the castle, and every night at midnight screams “Kaka! Mala Vachva !!” which means “Uncle, save me!”

To be honest I have not seen or heard a ghost but the fort itself impressed me. It is huge with gardens, fountains in the courtyard and stunning views of the city.

On that day there was an even bigger attraction in the fort: myself- the blond girl from Europe 🙂 Literally every single local person wanted to take a selfie with me. I will not be surprised if I find my photos somewhere on the social media 🙂

2. Aga Khan Palace
I do not want to give you too many details but Aga Khan is a political title and that name comes from the Sultan, for whom it was built.

I need to add that the place is known mainly as a commemoration of Mahatma Gandhi and his wife, who had been detained in that place for two years. That is why, the main attraction is a statue of Gandhi and his wife and various permanent and periodical exhibitions depicting their lives.

In 1969 the place was donated to the Indian people and today it is frequently visited by tourists and local people. It is a perfect place for youth to organise their picnics and have a good time.
Actually I wish I could have had more time myself to spent there!

3. I have also visited a museum in Pune. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of that museum and I know it sounds silly but it was really interesting;)

I had an opportunity to see some great Indian figures of saints, jewelry and household items from the past. There was also a great exhibition with the ornate doors.

There is a funny story related to that exhibition. The place where the doors were exhibited was the last room in the museum. I remember that since I entered the museum I have taken a lot of pictures of everything that caught my attention. But when I wanted to take the last picture of the doors the security guard fined me as pictures required an extra ticket! It is a lesson for everyone – take a picture only when something is really interesting!

More pictures from Pune:)


Next part about GOA soon! Stay tuned!

So, how was India? – Now I am ready to answer!

Since coming back from India, I have heard this question many times. In fact, every time when I started a conversation everyone asked me the same thing. My answer has always been the same: ” [deep breath and exhale] … I cannot describe it

I spent four weeks in India in May and I also needed another 4 weeks to organise my thoughts.
And now I have a sense of obligation to share them with all those people who had asked about my trip. Now my answer, however, is a little bit different: “[deep breath and exhale] … This can not be described in a single post.

That’s why I prepared a couple of posts and each covers a different topic: Places, People, Food. You can choose what you want to listen, I mean read. 🙂 And for those who want to know everything, please just follow all my posts! Oh, and I should add one more category: Cows!🙂

In the category Places there will be Pune, Goa, Agra and New Delhi (and a little bit about Bangalore)

As I mentioned earlier, last year I was in Bangalore for two weeks, so this time the culture shock was much smaller. I wrote here that when I got out of the plane I could not believe that smell of curry was so strong in India. Another thing that I observed there was dirt and overwhelming amount of rubbish everywhere. I do not intent to point fingers, it’s just my objective observation (okay, subjective, because from the point of view of a tourist from Europe!). But it probably is influenced by the fact that people in India live every moment of their lives and do not intend to waste their time on cleaning outside. Secondly, there are no bins in the street. Even if someone wanted to clean up there, they would not have anywhere to put the trash away.

It is a little bit more European in Pune. At least in the vicinity of the places I have visited. There are a lot of world brands including my Symantec 🙂 The Office is located in a very modern business park (and more importantly it is close to Starbucks!)

I have to admit that the Symantec building in Pune looks even better than the one in Dublin! And on top: sun, palm trees and frequent breaks during the day spent outside sipping masala tea. It’s been a pleasure to work there!

Fortuntanately, I had also chance to explore India on my own, try some local food and get to know the Indian culture.

Are you ready for more?

Let’s begin – How my India trip made my child dream come true


Let’s begin!

As far as I can remember I have always wanted to write a travel blog. It started a long time ago when I was still a little girl during the holiday trip with my parents to Mallorca.
With every next trip I have dreamed of writing travel books, guides or some short articles about my travel experience. But every time after coming back home I was too absorbed with the everyday life and forgot about writing. And so, to materialize my first travel article I had to wait about 20 years and visit a lot of great places until I’ve come to India!

India overwhelmed me – this is how I should start this post.

You may love India or hate it.
Personally, I love everything Indian: food, movies, art, fashion and culture. India has always topped my holidays dream list. Last year I was in India for the first time. It was a typical business trip, I spent two weeks in a luxurious Hilton hotel. Most of the time I had to work and used only hotel transport so I did not see much. I could admire the “real” India only on my way to and from work, during daily breaks and weekends. Nonetheless, I “touched” India a little bit and when organizing this year’s trip I knew what to expect there.

And yet again India overwhelmed me … I mean it! When writing this I was staying in a great air-conditioned hotel with a cold drink in my hand and looking at the pool outside. Instead of exploring Delhi on my last day.
Me – passionate about traveling, sun and active holidays, a big fan of Beata Pawlikowska and Martyna Wojciechowska (polish travelers). But that day I had enough and could not wait to come back to my beloved “chilly” Ireland!

The day before we caught the train to Agra to visit the famous Taj Mahal. During that one day I cried two times. I told you: India overwhelmed me! But now, sitting in my home, I can truly say that it was worth it! In the next posts I will tell you why 🙂 See you later!