About me and my blog

About me


I have always dreamt of having my own travel blog, however I have been overwhelmed by all those various blogs, vlogs and travel guides out there on the Internet. Nonetheless I really hope that there will be a little bit of space for my own blog. Especially that it will be slightly different than other travel blogs I know.

I love traveling and visiting new places, that is why this will be the main subject of my blog. I can surely say that the last few years have been quite a journey for me. In 2011 I left my home in Poland and moved to Ireland so you can say that I am constantly home away. But actually I do not agree with this. I believe that Your home is where your heart is. And my heart is always there where I feel good, especially while I am away traveling. When traveling I like to feel at home and try not to give up my daily routine. Healthy life, slow food and sport activities are fundamental to me. From time to time, however, I allow myself sin and eat some great dessert, have a drink and party all night. Therefore the other subject of this blog is Lifestyle!

During my trips I always try to meet new people, learn how they live, spend some time with them and soak the local atmosphere. But I have also a weak spot for luxurious hotels and romantic escapes. You will see it on on my blog! Paul calls us luxurious backpackers and he is right. We can spend one day exploring new and unique places and travel by foot, by moped or by train and eat in local bars but on another day we can have fun in the top quality air conditioned hotel and drink fancy cocktails.

I have found a picture on the Internet showing the differences between a traveler and a tourist. But I am neither of them. My way of traveling is somewhere in the middle.

I love exploring new places on my own,  walking without a map and getting lost on purpose but I also like to have fresh bed sheets every night, comfy bed and be served with master chef food.

Hence let me introduce you my own fit- lifestyle (in the future maybe also parenting?) tourist-travel blog:) Enjoy!